Cisco NDFC-LAN User Content,
Release 12.1.3

Release Notes

What's New Video

Getting Started

Initial Setup

License Management

Fabric Overview

Switch Overview

Back Up and Restore

Create Fabrics

Understanding LAN Fabrics

BGP Fabric


Classic LAN

Data Center VXLAN EVPN

Enhanced Classic LAN

External Connectivity Networks

Fabric Group and LAN Monitor

Flexible Network

IPFM and Classic IPFM

Multi-Site Interconnect Network


Add Switches

Add Switches for LAN Operational Mode

Add Interfaces for LAN Operational Mode

Super Spine Switch Role

Configuring ToR Switches and Deploying Networks in External Fabrics

Configuring ToR Switches and Deploying Networks in Data Center VXLAN EVPN Fabrics


Ongoing Operations

Event Analytics

Programmable Reports

NX-API and Bootstrap Certificates

NDFC Use Cases

Image Management

Configuring Shared Border

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Deployment for Cisco NX-OS

Performance Monitoring Using Programmable Reports

Managing BGP-Based Routed Fabrics

Managing Legacy/Classic Networks

Multi-Fabric Orchestration With NDFC and NDO

Layer 4 to Layer 7 Services Use Cases

Advanced Configurations

Layer 4 to Layer 7 Services Configuration

VRF Lite

Endpoint Locator

Change Control and Rollback

Configuring Tenant Routing Multicast

Configuring vPC Fabric Peering


Enabling Freeform Configuration on Fabric Switches

Precision Time Protocol

Configuring Inband Management, Inband POAP Management, and Secure POAP

Configuring Enhanced Role-Based Access Control

Configuring Security Domains

ESXi Networking for Promiscuous Mode

Changing Persistent IP Address

Configuring Overlay Mode

Syncing Up Out-of-Band Switch Interface Configurations

Enabling MACsec

Netflow Support

Configuring VXLAN OAM

Virtual Infrastructure Manager

MPLS SR and LDP Handoff

Out-of-Band PnP in Campus VXLAN EVPN Fabrics



Replacing Two Primary Nodes with Standby Node


Configuration Compliance

IPAM Integrator

One View Dashboard for NDFC LAN

Verified Scalability


Location of In-Product Documentation

These articles are also available as in-product documents on the Help Center in the GUI. To access Help Center:

1. Log in to your Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller GUI.

2. In the top-right corner of the main window, click the help icon (?), and then click Help Center. The Nexus Dashboard Help Center opens in another tab of your Web browser.

3. In the Services area, click on Fabric Controller to open the Fabric Controller Help Center.

4. From the User Content for drop-down list, choose LAN or SAN to view the list of documents for LAN or SAN, as required.