Cisco Case Study: BEXCO

Next-generation high-speed mobile network

BEXCO hosts more than 1,300 events and is visited by 4.5 million people annually. Learn how BEXCO solidified its position as a world-class convention center with Cisco Wi-Fi 6 solutions for next-generation high-speed mobile network environment.





  • Mobile traffic is growing rapidly due to soaring numbers of visitors
  • Users complain about traffic failures and poor performance
  • Mobile network infrastructure uses outdated access points
  • Delayed resolution of mobile communication failures



  • Well prepared for future mobile network traffic through Wi-Fi 6
  • High-speed wireless service ensured, 4 times faster than previous Wi-Fi standard
  • Stable network service achieved, leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Faster troubleshooting and proactive assurance of mobile network improves network uptime

What they're saying

We adopted Cisco Wi-Fi 6 for our mobile network infrastructure to ensure that visitors don’t experience any service failures or slowdowns even in a crowded exhibition hall. The network is four times faster than the previous gigabit Wi-Fi. Also, troubleshooting time is substantially reduced.

Han Yoon Jong, Smart Center Operation Department, BEXCO

Who is BEXCO?

Industry: Hospitality

Location: Busan, South Korea

Size: 100-250 employees