Case Study: Del Brenta

Fashion manufacturer meets demand, despite shutdown

With adjustments made on the spot to meet demand, collaboration is vital in fashion design. Del Brenta, a leader in Italian-made heels, wedges and platforms for the world’s biggest brands, trusted Cisco Webex for 100 percent business continuity during lockdown.



  • Maintain seamless communication between external suppliers and internal design and production teams
  • Make design adjustments in real time to reduce material waste (heel molds) and speed delivery
  • Meet exacting standards for shoe design partners and clientele for big fashion brands
  • Maintain 100 percent business continuity in the midst of Italy’s lockdown


  • Internal teams, external suppliers, and fashion partners meet via Cisco Webex to review designs
  • Cisco Webex Board facilitates real-time design adjustments
  • Transitioned operations to fully remote in a single day
  • 100 percent business continuity amid a pandemic

What they're saying

When we began using Cisco Webex in 2017, we never imagined the role it would play in assuring business continuity [in 2020]. Even during one of the worst crises imaginable, we were able to operate. Our employees were working from home, yet for our customers the transition was invisible.

Stefano Bezzon, Head of Innovation, Del Brenta

Who is Del Brenta?

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Padua, Italy
Company size: 50 employees