Case Study: DiGi Telenor

DiGi strengthens cybersecurity for SMEs

DiGi Telecommunications deployed Cisco Umbrella Mobile Protect, a cloud-based cybersecurity solution, to enable its micro, small and medium enterprise (SME) customers to securely connect on DiGi’s network.



  • Needed fast, reliable, and secure connectivity
  • Needed always-on security, without impacting end-users
  • Needed to defend against malware, ransomware, phishing, and more


  • Mobile devices are fully safeguarded
  • Cisco solution was quickly deployed without software on end-user devices
  • Provides a seamless and safe experience for users

What they're saying

What we are offering today with Cisco addresses this critical need to protect SMEs with essential cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their businesses.

Eugene Teh, Chief Business Officer, DiGi

Who is DiGi?

Industry: Service provider
Location: Malaysia
Size: 11.3 million subscribers and 1,500+ employees