Case Study: Energybox

Powering sustainable business with Cisco IoT

Energybox uses Cisco industrial routers and IoT Operations Dashboard to help customers optimize energy usage.



  • Help customers optimize energy usage
  • Securely and reliably connect to thousands of sites
  • Securely and remotely access connected equipment
  • Provide energy usage insights to customers


  • Uninterrupted, secure connectivity to every site
  • Access to remote systems at any time
  • Greater energy efficiency for customers

What they’re saying

Cisco's IoT Operations Dashboard enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted service of our solutions, while providing Energybox the ability to remotely access the systems at any given time without having to deploy field service to address any potential issues.

Tony Carrella, President, Energybox

Who is Energybox?

Industry: Technical services

Location: Nashville, TN

Size: 50 employees