Case Study: Family Medical Center

Promoting exceptional healthcare during the pandemic

Family Medical Center relies on Liberty Technology to manage its IT systems. In turn, Liberty Technology trusts Cisco connectivity, security, and unified communications solutions to deliver exceptional experiences to Family Medical Center's patients and employees.



  • Help ensure IT systems are free of threats
  • Improve network connectivity
  • Provide more efficient patient care
  • Manage higher patient volumes using technology


  • Increased patient volume by 40 percent
  • Improved patient experiences
  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Achieved peace of mind with state-of-the-art threat defenses

What they’re saying

We're so grateful Liberty Technology deployed Cisco technology to help us deliver better patient experiences and improve the efficiencies of our clinicians…We never could have provided the life-saving services to our community that we did, especially during the Covid surges.

Dr Benjamin Hess, Clinician and Co-owner, Family Medical Center

Who is Family Medical Center?

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Griffin, Georgia

Size: 50 employees