Case Study: HCL Technologies

Reducing threat detection time by 75%

Using Cisco Secure solutions, Amit Gumber of HCL Technologies achieves faster detection speed, and higher efficiency, response, and remediation against endpoint threats.



  • Managing remote employees across the globe
  • Rapidly escalating cost of existing security methods
  • Staff productivity challenged by complexity


  • Reduced security risks: Greater than 75%
  • Improved security operations efficiency: 50% to 74%
  • Improved threat detection, remediation: More than 75%
  • Incident response speed improved: Greater than 75%
  • Cost reduction, increased staff productivity: 50% to 74%

The hero behind the story

Managing our employees who are working remotely across the globe has been our biggest challenge. We managed to tackle this problem by using Cisco's advanced security and collaboration products that included Webex [by Cisco], Cisco Secure Endpoint, and next generation firewalls, alongside a layered security approach.

Amit Gumber, Operations Manager, HCL Technologies and Cisco Cybersecurity Insider Advocate

Who is HCL Technologies?

Industry: Information technology services

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Size: 160,000 employees