Case Study: Ice and a Slice

Small business works smarter with Meraki Go

Ice and a Slice is a fast-paced agency that requires a secure, reliable, and scalable network to deliver services with speed and agility. The company deployed Cisco's Meraki Go solution for network visibility and is now moving faster and working smarter.



  • No dedicated IT team
  • A critical need for network speed for timely project delivery in a competitive industry
  • The need for a reliable and scalable network
  • No support for collaborative or hybrid working


  • Easily monitored bandwidth usage
  • Network security enabled for individual networks and groups
  • Efficient teams that enjoy a better work-life balance
  • Bandwidth and network management enabled remotely via an app
  • Secured client data

What they're saying

As an agency, we need to be extremely agile and we need a network that matches that agility. Meraki Go provides us with a reliable and secure connection for a team of creatives to be exactly that: creative.

Simon Williams, Head of Digital, Ice and a Slice

Who is Ice and a Slice?

Industry: Professional services
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Size: Small business