Case Study: Lone Star College

College maintains business continuity in a crisis

Lone Star College has maintained operations through hurricanes and flash floods, developing recovery and business continuity plans. COVID-19 presented a new challenge: stay up and running for a longer duration. See how Cisco helped the school weather this new storm.



  • Maintain business continuity in the midst of COVID-19 closure
  • Enable unified administrative collaboration among dispersed staff
  • Immediately transition to online-only classes


  • Integrated video, voice, messaging, desktop sharing, and more in support of online classes
  • Distance learning demands are balanced against business continuity strategies 
  • Moved from blended learning to 100 percent online classes for more than 100,000 students

What they're saying

Given the time pressures, what actually ended up happening was phenomenal. Our online learning has never been this big. When we come out of this, we’re going to be a lot stronger, more efficient, and streamlined. We will be completely prepared for any type of event like this in the future.

Link Alander, Vice Chancellor of College Services and CIO
Lone Star College

Who is Lone Star College?

Industry: Education
Location: Houston, Texas
Size: 1,300 employees and 114,000 students