Case Study: Luiss University

University switches to online learning overnight

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut Italy down, Rome-based Luiss University had a critical decision to make: let a closed campus disrupt everything, or introduce remote learning. Using Cisco Webex, the University shifted to 100 percent online learning overnight. 



  • Rapidly shift to online learning after COVID-19 shut down physical classrooms 
  • Establish a secure, intuitive digital platform for 10,000 students and 500 lecturers
  • Provide reliable, secure online examinations


  • Digital teaching platform fully operational in 24 hours 
  • Delivered 17,000 hours of online classes to 10,000 students within first four months 
  • Securely administered 2,100 online exams
  • Hosted an online graduation ceremony for 750 students

What they're saying

Webex pushes our professors to develop new ways of assessing students. We had 10,000 students participating in over 2,000 exam sessions, and it was done with total security.

Andrea Prencipe, Rector Magnificus, Luiss University

Who is Luiss University?

Industry: Education
Location: Rome, Italy
Size: 2,069 employees and 10,000 students