Healthcare is on the road and improving lives

Cisco is helping take healthcare to more patients in more places with Medibus.

Closing the healthcare gap, one town at a time

With a shortage of doctors, patients lack access to proper healthcare. That's why Cisco partnered with Deutsche Bahn, VDL Bus & Coach, and A+ Videoclinic GmbH to create Medibus.

Bringing small towns and big solutions together

The Medibus is going mobile with primary care, company medical examinations, telehealth consultations, video translation services, vaccination campaigns, and COVID-19 antibody testing.

Meet the Medibus

No matter what challenges the world may face, the Medibus is helping expand access to reliable healthcare.

Reaching more patients in more places

In 2019, Medibus won the German Mobility Award. Today, there are seven active Medibuses taking healthcare across Germany.

Up to 245

patients seen a day.


citizens tested for COVID-19 antibodies.


refugee and student vaccinations since 2016.

It's not about extra doctors, it’s about assisting the available doctors with technology.

Dr. Christian Gravert, Head of Health Management, Deutsche Bahn

The technology to take on your tomorrow


Connect doctors, patients, and other medical experts across large distances.


Your patients, clinicians, and continued operations rely on a strong IT infrastructure.


When it comes to sensitive medical data and devices, cybersecurity is critical.

Changing the world together

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