Case Study: Midco

Connecting communities and employees

Midco, a leading service provider in the US Midwest, trusts Cisco service provider and collaboration solutions to bring people together across rural communities and within the company. 



  • Cost-effectively extend high-speed internet to rural customers
  • Increase flexibility to scale services and meet growing customer demand
  • Reduce upfront costs

  • Siloed video conferencing and instant messaging inside Midco hindered collaboration
  • Difficulty connecting to internal meetings
  • Frustration with the technology often made users abandon it



  • High-speed internet supports telehealth, education, small business, and work-from-home
  • Licensing and investment are tied to usage
  • Service delivery is accelerated and scalable, with simplified CapEx and OpEx planning
  • Video conferencing between teams and across locations speeds collaboration
  • Cisco Webex usage increased by 110 percent over six months
  • Meeting times reduced, on average, from 60 to 30 minutes


What they're saying about Cisco service provider solutions

Internet access helps strengthen health, education, work, and play. It adds to the great resources we already have in place in the Midwest—the space, the nature, the people. Our engagement with Cisco is solving the needs of today while keeping an eye on the future.

Jonathan Pederson, Chief Technology Officer, Midco

Who is Midco?

Industry: Service provider
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Size: 1,600 employees

What they're saying about Cisco Webex solutions

Team members are joining meetings and rooms quicker, and productivity is up with meeting time reduced to 30 minutes because the technology works.

Scott Sylliaasen, Director of IT Operations, Midco