Case Study: New Castle Hotels and Resorts

Securing agility during a crisis

When COVID-19 struck, the "lean IT" organization at New Castle Hotels and Resorts securely enabled remote work for an entire staff within a matter of hours. It deployed Cisco firewalls, working in conjunction with the endpoint protection capabilities of Cisco Umbrella and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), to better mitigate risk.



  • Securely supporting remote work to continue operations during a crisis
  • Bringing security operations in-house to better mitigate risk and secure the enterprise


  • Enabled a secure and fully supported transition to remote work in less than a day
  • Reduced time-to-detection and remediation of systems from days to hours

Secure your remote workforce, fast

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Security wherever you need it

Cisco isn't like other security companies that are primarily hardware or primarily software. Cisco is both. That was really important to us, because we knew we needed control on endpoints, in the cloud, and on-prem at our properties.

Alan Zaccario, VP of IT and Cybersecurity, New Castle Hotels and Resorts

Who is New Castle Hotels and Resorts?

Industry: Travel and hospitality
Location: United States and Canada