Case Study: Riedel Networks Remotely Driven Race Car

Riedel Networks steers future of driving

Cisco SD-WAN and Catalyst 8300 Edge Platform provide connectivity that enables a race car to be driven remotely at 150 kilometers per hour (km/h) by a driver 82 km away.



  • Deliver flawless connectivity between car and driver
  • Ensure security from potential hacks or disruption


  • Remote connection facilitates speeds up to 150km/h
  • Reduces need for on-site tech support

What they’re saying

This is innovation on a grand scale. We’re using Cisco technology to bridge an 82-kilometer gap between the driver and the car. If we can do this, what else can we achieve?

Julia Kirk, Manager Special Bids & Projects, Riedel Networks

Who is Riedel Networks?

Industry: Technical services
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Size: 75 employees