Case Study: Riedel Networks

Apply security controls where needed, when needed

Customers rely on Riedel Networks for fast, consistent, secure communications. In turn, Riedel trusts Cisco SD-WAN Security and Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms Family solutions to deliver results to global business, media and broadcast, and event management clients.



  • Deploy the right security controls
  • Protect traffic beyond segmentation
  • Gain visibility and control over the network


  • Reduced manual setup by 70 percent via central management, alarming, and reporting platform
  • Reduced security throughput degradation by 80 percent

What they're saying

Cisco SD-WAN Security delivers simplicity and automation so that we can apply the right security controls where needed, when needed. We are very excited to bolster that solution with the Catalyst 8000 Edge Platform solution.

Joachim Sinzig, Director of Product Management, Riedel Networks

Who is Riedel Networks?

Industry: Technical services

Location: Global, with HQ in Butzbach, Germany

Size: 700 employees