Case Study: Riot Games

Cisco Intersight helps Riot’s esports business deliver a game changing experience through efficiency and time savings.

Riot Games simplified and centralized their global IT operations to supercharge the 2020 League of Legends World Championship experience for players and fans.

200% acceleration

in game server performance

23.04mm AMA

Broke industry records for Average Minute Audience

Zero packet loss

in 3.2 petabytes of data passed during the League of Legends World Championship Final

The challenge

  • Centralize Riot esports IT orchestration
  • Standardize global Riot esports IT infrastructure
  • Supercharge esports experience for fans

Cisco offered a single, fully integrated suite to support all of our esports operations. It’s a world-class combination of servers and networks with cloud-based management.

Scott Adametz, Sr. Manager of Infrastructure Engineering, Riot Games

The solution

  • Cisco Intersight Infrastructure Service provides proactive alerts when errors are detected, well before they have a chance to affect gameplay or viewership.
  • Cisco UCS servers now power The Realm, the mission-critical game servers that move from city to city in support of Riot’s global esports competitions.
  • Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches provide the onsite network for each event, connecting the event feeds to Riot’s 12 regional broadcast studios.

Cisco UCS servers gave us a 200 percent increase in raw performance compared to our previous servers. This is a huge deal for pro players. They love seeing the faster response between their actions at home and the resulting impacts within the online game.

Su Liu, Technical Product Manager, Riot Games

The results

  • Supporting Riot’s esports global expansion through infrastructure standardization
  • Empowered a first-of-its-kind, record-breaking esports event
  • Showcased the world’s first mixed reality stage with a massive canvas that renders in real-time

We pushed 3.2 petabytes of mission-critical data to our studios without losing a single packet…this foundation will support world class esports experiences for the next decade.

Scott Adametz, Sr. Manager of Infrastructure Engineering, Riot Games

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