Case Study: Sara Assicurazioni

Crafting a zero-trust and XDR security approach

Sara Assicurazioni, an innovative Italian cloud-first insurance firm, joins forces with Cisco Secure to confidently define zero-trust and XDR strategies that increase security resilience and drive better customer outcomes.



  • Disparate point-security solutions lack full visibility
  • Multicloud ecosystem demands holistic security approach
  • Internal team needs strong security expertise


  • Full visibility of 2000+ endpoints regardless of locale
  • 20% better threat investigation and remediation efficacy
  • Improved threat-analysis speed (from 8 days to a few hours)
  • Extended threat detection and response capability (XDR)
  • Streamlining of zero-trust adoption

The hero behind the story

Thanks to Cisco Secure, I'm quite confident that our security posture is now many times better, because we are leveraging more scalable, state-of-the-art security solutions.

Luigi Vassallo, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Sara Assicurazioni

Who is Sara Assicurazioni?

Industry: Insurance

Location: Rome, Italy

Size: 600+ employees and 1500 points of sale across Italy