10,000 Students and 16 Schools United

Saugus Union School District boosts collaboration and security to advance learning.

Saugus Union School District

Located in Santa Clarita Valley in Los Angeles County, the district serves 10,000 students across 16 schools and is dedicated to providing an education that allows all students to succeed.

Industry: Education
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Size: 10,000 students
Website: saugususd.org/home



  • Increase bandwidth and speed for facilities
  • Faster, more reliable connectivity for individual classrooms
  • Improve security for students while online
  • Modernize phone, bell, and emergency notification systems


  • Centralized configuration with independent an internet connection for each school
  • Fast and reliable connectivity to each classroom
  • Continuous monitoring and filtering of all network traffic to detect and block threats
  • Collaboration using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling featuring end-to-end encryption
  • Robust two-way integration between the door lock system and the emergency notification system

We are taking advantage of Cisco technology … so students stay safe, online and offline, and have an efficient, productive learning environment. At the same time, Cisco solutions create an environment that's significantly easier to manage and control.

Michael Leathers, Director of Information Services