Case Study: Sky Lakes Medical Center

Using technology to save lives

Healthcare systems are experiencing unprecedented challenges in delivering care. Learn how this rural hospital harnessed Cisco technology to innovate quickly, support more patients, and protect its greatest assets—the healthcare workers on the front lines.



  • Needed to replace aging legacy storage, compute, and network fabric
  • Required scalability for future workload and imaging storage demands
  • Desired operations simplification for a small IT infrastructure team


  • Workloads streamlined and managed on a single tool
  • Data storage secured with physical encryption
  • Reduced power consumption by 70 percent
  • Established fully redundant data center for complete failover, backup, and recovery
  • Rapid response aligned to COVID-19 requirements to keep health workers safe:

    • Set up drive-thru testing in 24 hours
    • Established telehealth capabilities in 48 hours
    • IT expanded into a building that supports 170 new beds

What they're saying

When we have patients go home after having COVID-19 and we minimized PPE waste, we successfully allowed interaction between a doctor and patient to happen. That's how we measure success. And the way we do all that? We have Cisco.

John Gaede, Director of Information Systems
Sky Lakes Medical Center

Who is Sky Lakes
Medical Center?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon, US
Size: 1,500 employees