Case Study: T-Systems

T-Systems simplifies and secures the cloud with Cisco

When it comes to connectivity, customers demand performance.
T-Systems offers a multi-cloud connectivity platform (MCCP), built in partnership with Cisco, that delivers the security of private clouds with the flexibility of public clouds.



  • Consumers want fast, flexible, secure connectivity
  • Business customers want full control of their cloud ecosystems
  • T-Systems needed to deliver real-time provisioning to customers with changing needs


  • Consumers enjoy faster, flexible and secure services
  • Business customers can integrate IoT functionality, and public and private cloud capacity, into their infrastructures
  • Customers can fast-track capacity without adding new hardware or relying on one vendor
  • T-Systems manages, maintains, provisions and troubleshoots from a central location

What they’re saying

In today's market, companies need to move fast. Large and established businesses have to pivot with little notice to compete against lean, agile startups. You may be able to stave off attacks from nimble competitors for a while, but you can't perpetually fight disruption with outmoded equipment and ideas.

Thomas Rumpf, CTO, T-Systems

Who is T-Systems?

Industry: Service provider
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Size: 45,990 employees