Case Study: Telenor Group

Intelligent workplaces for every work style

Telenor Group puts its people first and delivers flexible video collaboration with Cisco Webex to improve global employee work experiences.



  • Improve employee experience with state-of-the-art collaboration technology
  • Provide flexible work options for all employees
  • Provide a consistent collaboration experience, regardless of location


  • Intelligent, flexible workplaces are available for all employees and every work style
  • Collaboration technology powers employee productivity
  • A blend of in office and remote work styles embrace the new normal

What they’re saying

We wanted a partner who understands people as much as they understand technology, a partner that we could learn from who is also willing to learn from us. We found that partner in Cisco.

Cecilie Heuch, Executive Vice President, Chief People and Sustainability Officer, Telenor Group

Who is Telenor Group?

Industry: Service provider

Location: Oslo, Norway

Size: 18,000 employees