Case Study: Telstra

Automating networks for greater agility

Telstra's move to automate their networks with Cisco has enabled them to become nimble, reduce costs, enable digitalization, and thrive in an increasingly competitive market, where scale and uptime are critical.



  • Eliminate human error and duplication in operations
  • Optimize multivendor and multi-domain environments
  • Deliver the most reliable network in Australia
  • Greater agility in launching new services to market


  • Faster time to market for new services and features
  • Enabled a digital experience of network services
  • National solution supporting a multivendor environment
  • Significant cost saving through operational efficiency

What they're saying

Automation enabled us to transform—to not only manage the network, but to also upgrade the network, to offer new services and features, and to constantly keep the network capacity uplifted.

Arturo Cacace, Group Owner, Connectivity Enablers, Telstra

Who is Telstra?

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Size: 29,000 employees