Case Study: The European House – Ambrosetti

Global leaders gather in new "phygital" format

In response to COVID-19 travel restrictions, The European House - Ambrosetti created a part-physical, part-digital event. Leveraging Cisco Webex, the “phygital” event featured global business and political leaders through holograms and limited attendance.



  • Safely gather global business and political leaders, despite COVID-19 restrictions
  • Create an engaging, intimate schedule of content
  • Build, test, and execute an all-new “phygital” approach in less than four months


  • Delivered a successful global meeting, despite COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • Blended physical and digital elements in five languages
  • The annual meeting nearly doubled attendee numbers
  • Reduced carbon impact
  • Speakers included Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy; Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General; and Hillary Clinton, former US senator

What they’re saying

I never had any doubt we would make it, though the summer months were hectic. But the right thing to do was to try and use this experience to inspire innovation and change. One thing is certain: You will never decide your future sitting behind a desk.

Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, The European House - Ambrosetti

Who is The European House - Ambrosetti?

Industry: Professional Services

Location: Lombardy, Italy

Size: 230 employees