Case Study: The Workaround

The Workaround works around the pandemic

The Workaround, a co-working space with childcare, was opened by Toronto entrepreneur Amanda Munday. Her business was thriving for 18 months and then COVID-19 hit. How did The Workaround survive? With a new vision, aided by Cisco Meraki.



  • Continue operating during COVID-19
  • Upgrade the network infrastructure
  • Enable automation for better customer service
  • Provide reliable and secure Wi-Fi


  • Survived COVID-19 shutdowns
  • Achieved efficiency with less staff
  • Improved internet and Wi-Fi
  • Delivered seamless customer service

What they're saying

Not only is Cisco reliable, there are so many elements of security built in that take all the pressure away from me. I’ve got to have the bandwidth capacity to deal with a lot of people using our secure network. Cisco Meraki does all that and more.

Amanda Munday, CEO and Founder, The Workaround

Who is The Workaround?

Industry: Professional services
Location: Toronto, Canada
Size: Fewer than 10 employees