Building a Strong Foundation for IoT Security

Velta Technology partners with Cisco to help secure industrial operations at scale.

Velta Technology

As an expert in industrial cybersecurity, Velta Technology helps leading manufacturing and critical infrastructure organizations to implement and operationalize digital safety solutions.

Industry: Technical services
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Size: Undisclosed



  • Gain visibility into connected operational technology (OT) assets
  • Assess industrial security posture
  • Segment industrial networks
  • Prevent cyberthreats that disrupt industrial processes


  • Improved security posture with up-to-date inventory of connected OT assets and visibility into their vulnerabilities
  • Enabled IT and OT teams to work together by providing visibility on industrial networks and security issues.
  • Helped contain threats by segmenting industrial networks through the creation of industrial zones.
  • Secured operations at scale with OT visibility and policy enforcement built into networking equipment

Gaining visibility into industrial assets is key to securing operations. The combination of Cyber Vision and Cisco industrial networking makes it simple to gain visibility at scale. It’s the foundation for a robust OT network and a comprehensive approach to IoT security.

Dino Busalachi, CTO and co-founder