Cisco 2023 Consumer Privacy Survey

Generation Privacy: Young Consumers Leading the Way

About the study

The annual Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey is one of many research-based, data-driven publications in Cisco’s Cybersecurity Study Series. This double-blind study is based on a survey of over 2600 consumers in 12 countries globally.

Learn more in this blog by Cisco Privacy Director, Robert Waitman, who is also featured in this Cisco Newsroom article.

Key findings

Consumers - particularly the younger generations - are exercising their Data Subject Access Rights and leaving providers over their data practices and policies.

Source: Cisco 2023 Consumer Privacy Survey

Consumers share support and concerns with using personal data in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Support for AI use

Concerns about current AI use


Believe AI can be useful in improving our lives


Are willing to share anonymized personal data to improve AI products


Concerned about the business use of AI today


Use of AI by organizations has already eroded trust in them

Source: Cisco 2023 Consumer Privacy Survey

Responsible innovation

Learn how Responsible AI starts with a commitment to respecting privacy and human rights.

Responsible innovation requires designing and building with an ethical framework by design.