Black Belt Academy

Simplified and uniform role-based education framework

Black Belt Academy helps Cisco partners and distribution in selling, deploying, troubleshooting and renewing the latest technology and software solutions with enablement tools and programs required for back-end operations to better assist our joint customers.

Only Cisco partners with a CCO ID can access Black Belt training.

Black Belt FAQs

How is Black Belt relevant for me?

Black Belt Academy consolidates all architecture trainings and structures it by role so that all the latest partner enablement content can be accessed in one place. Academy trainings cater to a variety of roles, including pre-sales, sales, deployment, troubleshooting, customer experience, and marketing. Trainings are provided in a simplified three-step framework to ease your journey to become proficient in Cisco solutions.

To select trainings relevant for your role, become a partner or log in.

Does Black Belt have training for my role?

Role Track
Engineering Presales, deployment/FE, support/TAC, PSS/TAC
Sales AMs, RMs, PSS, BDMs
Customer Experience (CX) CSEP, CSM, renewals manager
Distribution Marketeer, tech presales, account manager, CX specialist
Business architect Tool, engagement, method
New hire Sales New Hire Acceleration Program SNAP (foundation or graduate intro to Cisco portfolio
Operations Deal manager (GPR), software practice lead, partner admin, asset manager, CXO

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How does Black Belt compare to other certifications like CCXA or CCIE?

While CCXA, XP, and IE certifications are foundational to building an understanding of Cisco technologies, Black Belt Academy acts as the bridge that brings you to the latest solutions by Cisco at zero cost.

Can everyone access Black Belt?

Black Belt Academy trainings are available for learners from Cisco's partners and distributors. It requires a Cisco login associated with your partner or distributor company.

How can I get started?

You can begin by navigating to Black Belt Academy on SalesConnect (become a partner or log in) and browsing our Black Belt training catalog by role. Trainings are provided in a simplified three-stage framework. You can start by registering for stage 1 Black Belt learning maps per your role and architecture focus to ease your journey to become proficient in Cisco solutions.

Black Belt benefits

One simplified enablement framework

Uniform launch across Cisco

Greater selling proficiency

Successful readiness and positioning of solutions

On-demand and up-to-date content

No-cost enablement

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Black Belt support

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