Cisco Active Advisor

Reduce network risk and boost security for free

Cisco Active Advisor simplifies network discovery and finds security alerts that apply to your devices. It also analyzes contract coverage and end-of-life status, and can compare your network against Cisco Validated Designs. Best of all, it's free.

How this service can help you

Reduce overall network risk

Stay up to date with essential Cisco product information. Get alerts about published security advisories (PSIRTS) that apply to your network. Identify end-of-life products and find gaps in support coverage.  

Save time and money

An automated network discovery can be done in just minutes. Data is available shortly after network inventory registration. This free service covers over 500 Cisco switches, routers, wireless controllers, access points, and more.

Get more from your existing network

Compare your network with Cisco-recommended best practices and validated designs. Personalized network health scores help you quickly identify which areas need improvement, and what can be done. 

Easily access services

There is no hardware to install. This Cisco-hosted service is easily accessed through a web browser anytime, anywhere. Network discovery is completed locally using an embedded Java applet or dedicated desktop scanning application.

Plan and assess your network

Understand which network elements should be refreshed or upgraded. Identify uncovered or expired service contracts for chassis and modules. Access online tools to help you migrate configurations to newer products.

Get started

Improve your network by simplifying network discovery, lifecycle reporting, and risk analysis.

Discover the network

Quickly and securely scan the network to discover and register devices with the Cisco Active Advisor web or desktop scanner.

Analyze network risks

Review network inventory and security alerts, and identify obsolete products.

Improve network health

Easily benchmark your network against Cisco Validated Designs and adopt recommended best practices to optimize your investment.