Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation

Simplify Network Management and Operations

Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA) boosts network flexibility and efficiency. DFA innovations simplify fabric management, optimize fabric infrastructure, and automate provisioning across physical and virtual environments. You gain unsurpassed operational simplicities through superior integration.

DFA significantly simplifies virtual machine and physical server deployment. (5:21 min)

Features and Capabilities

Cisco continues to evolve our Unified Fabric portfolio, with the introduction of more DFA innovations. DFA offers customers a number of significant advantages:

Optimized Fabric Infrastructure for Enhanced Efficiency and Scale

Optimized spine-leaf topologies provide enhanced forwarding, a distributed control plane, and integrated physical and virtual environments. The topologies help enable any network anywhere, supporting transparent mobility for physical servers and virtual machines, plus network extensibility. You benefit from extensible resiliency, with smaller failure domains and multitenant scale.

Simplified Fabric Management with Open APIs for Ease of Operations

Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager 7.0 offers centralized fabric management across both physical servers and virtual machines. It provides automated network provisioning, common point of fabric access, and host, network, and tenant visibility. Open APIs allow for better integration with orchestration and automation tools, in addition to cloud platforms.

Automated Provisioning for Greater Agility

Having complete mobility across the fabric, DFA uses network automation and provisioning to simplify physical server and virtual machine deployments. Network-admin-defined profile templates are used for both physical and virtual machine.

When a server administrator provisions virtual machine and physical servers, instances of network policies are automatically created and applied to the network leaf switch. As virtual machines move across the fabric, the network policy is automatically applied to the leaf switch.

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