Cisco Elastic Services Controller

Sophisticated lifecycle management of VNFs

ESC gives you sophisticated tools to manage your services and component VNFs across their entire lifecycle: from onboarding and deploying new VNFs to monitoring health, to scaling up and down instances in response to demand, to automatically remediating issues, to finally spinning down instances and freeing resources for other apps and services.



Comprehensive insight

Oversee all aspects of service creation, from instantiation to maintenance such as healing and auto-scaling, to teardown for both simple and complex, multi-VNF services.



Open and modular

Maintain architectural control with an ETSI-compliant generic VNF manager (gVNFM) that can be integrated into any ETSI-compliant MANO stack and supports both Cisco and third-party VNFs.



Intelligent handling of multi-VNF services

Deploy and manage complex, multi-VNF services with tools for service definitions, policy enforcement, and controlling VNF placement.



Advanced analytics and service health monitoring

Tap into integrated instrumentation and rules-based actions to manage scaling and service health.



Context-sensitive, customizable workflows

Trigger built-in or customized actions based on service metrics and lifecycle stage.


How to deploy ESC

Design your MANO stack

You can select the Cisco NFVI MANO stack or choose your own components.

Choose a subscription term

ESC server is available in a 1-year term or a 3-year term.

Assemble your stack

Download software components, integrate your stack, and install it in your environment.

Launch your first service

Onboard your VNFs and define your services.


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