Cisco FindIT Network Management

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Manage a Network, Not a Collection of Devices

Maintaining a business network is difficult without the right tools. Cisco FindIT Network Management is purpose-built for managing networks of Cisco 100 to 500 Series devices. It lets you proactively manage the network instead of just reacting to events. FindIT Network Management is the perfect addition to your business's network.

Discover, Monitor, and Configure

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Features and Capabilities

FindIT Network Management supports two deployment models: full-time network management with the FindIT Network Manager and Probe, and discovering and managing the network on the go with the FindIT Network Discovery Utility.

Easy Network Management

The FindIT Network Manager and Probe are designed to manage Cisco 100 to 500 Series switches, routers, and wireless access points. You can configure system information, wireless networks, virtual LANs, and Ethernet switching in a single interface. And you can monitor network performance with a customizable dashboard. Automatic network discovery comes with a topology diagram and an inventory report.

In addition, you get:

  • Automatic firmware updates for network devices
  • Detailed lifecycle reports showing maintenance status and end-of-life bulletins
  • Integration with the Cisco Active Advisor
  • Remote access to sites without requiring a VPN
  • One-click collection of diagnostic data for technical support

Handy Plug-In

The FindIT Network Discovery Utility can be used by network administrators on the go. It integrates with your web browser and allows you to easily discover Cisco 100 to 500 Series products, display detailed information about devices, and click to download firmware updates.

The FindIT Network Discovery Utility runs on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox browsers on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. It provides:

  • Automatic discovery and information display for Cisco 100 to 500 Series products
  • Automatic discovery and one-click downloads for firmware updates
  • Support and maintenance information for discovered devices
  • Integration with the Cisco Active Advisor
  • Direct access to the Small Business Support Center

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