Cisco IoT Field Network Director

Deploy, Manage, Monitor and Maintain FAN at Scale

Tackle the challenge of managing IoT field area networks (FAN) for thousands or millions of connected devices. Cisco IoT Field Network Director (FND) is the network management system for FAN deployment at scale. Network connectivity and bandwidth availability for IoT gateways and devices are often influenced by environmental changes and cellular network coverage. Cisco FND is designed to help operations teams manage large scale FAN lifecycles across changing conditions and network constraints to stay up and running.


Rapid scaling

Zero-touch deployment and secure enrollment for tens of thousands IoT gateways and millions of endpoints.

Enhanced security

Role-based access and user audit trail, and secure communications for IoT data transport across networks and VPN tunnels.

Increased reliability

Reliable communications over cellular and low power networks for lifecycle management; 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerts.

Improve visibility and reliability

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Use Cases


Zero-touch provisioning is crucial for deploying and managing millions of smart meters. Cisco IoT Field Network Director simplifies lifecycle management for thousands of CGRs, IR500s and millions of resilient mesh endpoints for utility AMI / DA applications.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas companies need a network management system within their own secure data center. IoT Field Network Director provides a virtual infrastructure to easily monitor and manage IR800s that connect high-value assets.


Real-time tracking of vehicles, cellular signal strength, and geo-fencing helps optimize asset management. IoT Field Network Director enables 24/7 location-based asset-tracking and network monitoring, with real-time alerts for faster response to critical events.

Smart cities

Street lighting can account for a large percentage of a city's entire energy budget. IoT Field Network Director can centrally manage and monitor the city's street lights, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs and faster fault location.


Lifecycle Management

  • Automated enrollment and provisioning of gateways and endpoints
  • Over-the-air lifecycle management
  • Dynamic, customizable dashboard
  • Device inventory

Network Optimization

  • Configuration management
  • Network management for constrained bandwidth
  • Network troubleshooting
  • RBAC user management
  • Rich APIs for third party operation application integration

Real-time Monitoring

  • Active monitoring and alerts for critical events
  • Real-time location tracking of assets and geo fencing
  • Rich GIS map overlays