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Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

This easy-to-use, modular toolset helps operations teams to deliver and remotely manage industrial IoT securely, flexibly, and at scale.

Drive digital transformation with cloud-managed connectivity

Transform your operations with Cisco's cloud-based dashboard to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and gain insights into your networking devices and connected equipment, at scale. Enjoy industry-leading cybersecurity, application management, Secure Equipment Access, and integration with Cisco Meraki video.

See how Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard works

Gain visibility and control across Cisco industrial gateways, sensors, and data with this cloud-based dashboard.


Scale quickly with plug-and-play, zero-touch deployment and secure templatized configuration.


Improve uptime of not only your devices but also your connected equipment by using the dashboard's monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Gain insights

Streamline your operations at the edge with detailed data insights.

Secure Equipment Access

Streamline your remote operations

  • Easily maintain and upgrade connected assets using just a browser.
  • Provide access for anyone: Manage role-based access to industrial assets for internal and external workers.
  • Keep your network secure: Remote workers are never directly connected to the core industrial network.

Simplify industrial operations across industries

Roadways and intersections

Traffic management, video surveillance, sensor management, digital signage, toll booths

Mass transit, fleets, first responders

Video surveillance, mobile connectivity, digital signage, Wi-Fi, vehicle diagnostics, dispatch systems, payment systems, location tracking

Connected equipment

Kiosks, ATMs, charging stations, device Wi-Fi, point-of-sale, machine-as-a-service

What they’re saying

Cisco's IoT Operations Dashboard enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted service of our solutions, while providing Energybox the ability to remotely access the systems at any given time without having to deploy field service to address any potential issues.

Tony Carrella, President, Energybox

CRN 2021 Tech Innovators Award

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard named the winner of the CRN 2021 Tech Innovator Award in IoT category.

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