Cisco IOx

Develop IoT business applications at the edge

The Cisco IOx application environment combines Cisco IOS and the Linux OS for highly secure networking. Execute IoT applications with secure connectivity with Cisco IOS software, and get powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud. 


Accelerate IoT business outcomes

When you execute applications at the source of IoT data in the edge, you can more rapidly gain insights, make decisions, and take meaningful action.

Scale rapidly with flexible development and deployment

Cisco IOx allows IoT application developers to work in the familiar Linux application environment with their choice of languages, programming models, and open-source development tools.

Build new business with the right real-time data

Easily process high volumes of data and deliver closed-loop system control in real time. Cisco IOx offers consistent management and hosting across network infrastructure products, including Cisco routers, switches, and compute modules.

Cisco IOx components

IOx brings together Cisco IOS, the industry-leading networking operating system, and Linux, the leading open-source platform.

Cisco IOx

  • Application environment combines Cisco IOS and Linux.
  • Linux open-source tools to develop applications that execute on Cisco IoT network infrastructure.
  • Uniform hosting for applications across the Cisco IoT network.

Edge Application Management

  • Remote management, monitoring, and troubleshooting of edge applications running in the Cisco IOx environment such as FND, GMM and DNA-C.

SDK and development tools

  • SDK tools and guidelines for packaging applications for execution on IOx network products.
  • IOx Client command-line utility to control application lifecycle tasks.
  • IOx Local Manager, a web-based app to manage applications hosted on IOx-enabled networks.


  • Partners or Cisco can supply applications ready for execution on IOx-enabled infrastructure.
  • Develop with a range of common programming languages.


Rapid application building and deployment

IOx allows consistent deployment of applications that are independent of your network infrastructure and docker tooling for development.

Broad support for application types

Accelerate development and test deployment of applications for faster onboarding, proofs of concept, and demos.

Application lifecycle management at scale

With an intuitive GUI for on-premises or cloud-based management, IOx lets you back up and restore application data. You can also perform upgrades and view troubleshooting logs.

Built-in security

Built-in container security allows you to run only trusted applications with application signing and verification.



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