Cisco Network Services Manager

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Support Network as a Service and Cloud Use Cases

Organize your network resources into a flexible, multi-tenant data center infrastructure with Cisco Network Services Manager 5.0. Using Network Services Manager, you can integrate your network with your existing IT operational tools and processes.

Optimize Capacity Use and Cut Costs

The Network Services Manager network abstraction layer helps you provision and deploy numerous individual network components as sophisticated network "containers." You can create these containers:

  • Across single and multipod cloud computing deployments
  • Much more easily and quickly than with template- and script-based systems

In addition, Cisco Network Services Manager:

  • Dramatically reduces network operational costs and potential misconfiguration
  • Optimizes capacity use and accelerates service delivery

Deploy Flexible, Policy-Directed Management

Cisco Network Services Manager offers a flexible, policy-directed approach to managing and controlling cloud computing network services. Through a configuration user interface, Network Services Manager helps administrators dynamically define and control an array of behaviors in their cloud computing environment, including:

  • Creating different levels of service capability or "service tiers" for tenant use
  • Defining the capabilities and resources available in each tier
  • Structuring a system of "containment" tailored to tenant application and deployment model needs

Specifications at a Glance

Network Services Manager consists of two Linux servers deployed as OVA images in a VMware virtual data center reserved for management of the equipment. Table 1 lists system requirements for Network Services Manager Engine software, Table 2 gives the system requirements for Network Services Manager Controller software, and Table 3 lists the system requirements for browser access to Network Services Manager.

Table 1.     Network Services Manager Engine Software

Hardware Dual Core CPU
Disk space 40 GB
Memory 2 GB

Table 2.     Network Services Manager Controller Software

Hardware Dual Core CPU
Disk space 40 GB
Memory 1 GB

Table 3.     Browser Software Access to Network Services Manager

Hardware Dual Core CPU
Software Firefox 3.6 and 4, Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Organize Your Network Resources

Cisco Network Services Manager helps you cut costs and accelerate service delivery.

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