Cisco Prime Access Registrar (CPAR)

A scalable and extensible solution for AAA management

CPAR is a 3GPP-compliant AAA server software that offers scalability and extensibility. Using one common platform, efficiently serve a broad range of access technologies, users, and roaming partners for new subscriber services.

Features and benefits


Supports a broad range of wireless and wireline access technologies on a common AAA server platform, delivering operational and capital expense savings while providing flexibility to the CSP regarding choice in AAA.


A true 64-bit application to scale to the largest service deployments. An external session manager allows tens of millions of simultaneous sessions. Multithreaded architecture scales with additional CPUs.


Provides broad integration support: Reduces operational costs and hastens service rollout by supporting integration with provisioning, billing, and other service-management components.


Efficiently manages resource use with real-time session management to track user sessions and user/group session limits.


With Extension Point Scripting (EPS), CPAR can be customized to meet unique business, regulatory, and technical requirements.

Subscriber Data Store

Internal database and integration with external databases including Oracle, MySQL, and OpenLDAP through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), LDAP, Oracle Call Interface (OCI), and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).