Cisco 1100 Series Terminal Services Gateway

Secure remote access and out-of-band management, simplified

The Cisco 1100 Terminal Services Gateway gives you a simple console server for secure remote access and better out-of-band management, all in the trustworthy build quality our customers expect. The top-of-rack solution offers integrated asynchronous ports, optional switching, and simplified Ethernet. It also supports secure tunnels, such as IPSec, generic routing encapsulation (GRE), and Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN, all at scale.

Features and benefits

High-density console management

Manage data centers and cloud setups with centralized control.


Integrated secure remote connectivity

Connect securely to any network while maintaining protection from internal and external threats.

Zero-touch provisioning

Use Cisco Plug and Play capabilities to deploy, configure, and manage remote equipment with great ease.

Advanced cellular connections

Set up and configure devices at remote locations without using conventional LAN or WAN links.

Model specifications

Cisco 1100 Terminal Services Gateway

  • 32 x RS-232 asynchronous ports
  • Optional 16 x RS-232¬†asynchronous ports
  • 24 x Layer 2 switch ports
  • 1 NIM module (supports selected Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Router modules)

Deliver exceptional routing performance

Build a resilient, highly secure routing infrastructure. Help enable high availability and less risk with services for routing solutions.

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