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Designed for ease, excellence and interoperability, RoomOS is the powerful, cloud-based operating system for Webex Rooms. 

Unleash the power of RoomOS

Meet, call or brainstorm an idea that can turn into the next big thing – all on one platform. RoomOS enables your Webex Room devices to deliver magical collaboration experiences.


Built-in AI, ML, and Control Hub management offer an intelligent single-platform advantage for your room devices.


RoomOS supports onboarding and communications that are secured through encryption and authentication methods.


The RoomOS platform lets you customize your device and is compatible with any soft client.


RoomOS allows you to express and organize your ideas, share information, and whiteboard to your heart’s content.

Insight and analytics, right at your fingertips

RoomOS provides insight and analytics into your devices through Control Hub.

Designed to meet all your collaboration needs

Easy insights

RoomOS leverages AI and ML to allow more intuitive collaboration. Foster deeper relationships between your team with contextual insights such as facial recognition and name labels. Use Webex Assistant for a touch-free experience.

Record and return

Don't like taking notes? Record your scheduled meetings from your room or desk device. Keep track of everything worked on, and return to any whiteboard.

Security built-in, not bolted on

RoomOS has built-in security as a key foundational element. Cisco invested heavily to build security with the right checks and balances in place. RoomOS delivers a great user experience while maintaining enterprise-grade security.

Agnostic and customizable

To protect your existing investments, we team up with partners to provide agnostic meeting experiences. Web Apps and integrations let you customize your device experience with the applications you know and love.

Continuous improvements

RoomOS is evergreen. We release new features on a monthly basis, so that your Webex Room devices are always updated with the latest and greatest.

Uninterrupted co-creation

Feeling creative? Annotate on any type of content and explore real-time interactivity with multiway whiteboarding. With infinity whiteboarding and stickies, you can organize your thoughts and never run out of space. 

Share and display

Advanced wireless-sharing capabilities allow you to effortlessly share content and collaborate on the things that matter. Digital signage lets you display custom content instantly from Webex Control Hub to multiple devices.

RoomOS blog updates

Stay connected to the grapevine and never miss out on a feature update again. 

What’s new in June

We are releasing a series of features to have you succeed in a hybrid work environment.

What’s new in April

Seven new features, custom designed to enhance your collaboration experience were released in April.

What’s new in March

We announced two new features in RoomOS this month to make it easier to admit people into a virtual meeting room and to book a physical one.

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