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Updated:February 21, 2023

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Updated:February 21, 2023

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Jump-start your students’ networking know-how

To fully absorb new networking knowledge and prepare for certification exams, your students must put their learning to work through hands-on practice with Cisco solutions. That’s how abstract concepts become real-world skills. Physical labs can help them practice, that is, if you have the time and budget for major equipment purchases and maintenance.

But the easiest, most efficient, and most effective way to give students practice time is with Cisco Modeling Labs for Education. Cisco Modeling Labs is the premier Cisco platform for simulating Cisco and non-Cisco networks. This on-premise tool allows your students to practice their networking skills with authorized Cisco software including Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS®), IOS-XRv, and NX-OS, to prepare them for jobs after they finish school.


      Upgrade to Version 2.5 with enhanced clustering feature for more compute node control

      Give your instructors the technology to support rich remote learning for networking courses

      Enable your students to lab from anywhere, quickly and efficiently

      Let students practice the entire network lifecycle including design, configuration, and troubleshooting

      Give your students a head start with network automation

      Reduce your lab budget and energy footprint

      Automate building lab environments for students

New clustering feature has management enhancements

Version 2.5 includes an updated clustering feature with resource management enhancements (such as resource limiting, fencing, and pooling) for more control over your compute nodes.

Clustering allows for horizontal scaling across multiple servers while still providing a single user interface to manage labs.

Other 2.5 features include:

      UI annotations (rectangles, ellipses, text, lines)

      New reference platform: Catalyst 9000v

      Improved IPv6 support

      Accessibility improvements, especially targeting visually impaired users

Remote learning tools are more essential than ever, for students at all levels. That’s why the price point of Cisco Modeling Labs for Education is designed to support your needs as an educational institution. We believe that when students thrive, we all thrive.

Design, test, troubleshoot, learn

You wouldn’t send a young musician onto the stage to perform without letting them practice first. The same is true for IT jobs. Cisco Modeling Labs for Education gives students a safe place to practice and learn every aspect of networking, from design and testing to troubleshooting and network automation.

      Students can collaborate in shared labs and build individual labs. And labs are persistent between runs, so what students configure in one session is still there when they return

      The UI is an easy-to-use HTML5 interface, with built-in productivity tools to enable fast build-up and tear-down. (It’s fun, too!)

      The tool’s comprehensive, easy-to-use API helps students learn automation and programmability. Anything they can do in the UI, they can also do via the API—and then some

      You can use the same API to automate the building and provisioning of pre-configured labs for student use

With Cisco Modeling Labs for Education, your students can practice skills they’ll use after they finish school. Then, when it’s time for them to step onto the stage of their careers, they’ll be ready.

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