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Updated:February 3, 2021

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Updated:February 3, 2021


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Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module

Figure 1.            

Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module

Product overview

Call coverage is critical for administrative assistants and others who must monitor and manage the status of calls. It requires the ability to instantly determine the status of numerous lines beyond those of the Cisco IP Phone 8865 model.

Note:      The Cisco IP Phone 8865 model includes the standard 8865 model and the 8865NR model, which is the non-radio 8865 model. The NR models are designed for military and other customers who need a Key Expansion Module (KEM) but cannot place phones with Bluetooth or other radios on their premises. All attributes of the 8865 and 8865NR are identical except that the 8865NR has no Bluetooth radio and WiFi radio on its boards.

The Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module extends the capabilities of Cisco IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR, models with additional buttons and a color LCD display. This key expansion module adds 14 physical keys with access to 14 additional keys, using the page keys, for a total of 28 additional keys. You can connect up to three 8865 Key Expansion Modules to the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR,

The 8865 Key Expansion Module comes with a foot stand and all necessary hardware to connect it directly to the base device in the traditional side-by-side fashion.

Features and benefits

The large LCD displays of the Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module allows for quick and easy identification of associated buttons. Using the settings menu of the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR models, you can adjust the brightness of the individual KEM LCD according to your preference.

The primary function of the 8865 Key Expansion Module is to provide additional keys for directory numbers, speed dial, or programmable feature keys to the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR models. These keys are illuminated, and when configured as directory numbers or shared-line keys they allow for easy identification of line status. The 8865 Key Expansion Module is an ideal call-coverage tool. It provides features that are similar, but not intended to be directly comparable to those of traditional Direct Station Selection/Busy Lamp Field (DSS/BLF) modules; therefore, it is neither an operator nor an attendant console.

The two illuminated page buttons below the Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module display allow you to shift between the first and second page of 14 buttons, providing access to all 28 keys.

Table 1 describes the features and benefits in more detail.

Table 1.        Features and benefits



Illuminated Buttons

Off (dark)

Line available

Green, steady

Line in use

Red, steady

Line in use by shared line

Amber, flashing

Line ringing

Illuminated Page Buttons

Off (dark)

Page not in focus

Green, steady

Page in focus

Amber, flashing

Page not in focus, with one or more alerting or on-hold calls present on page

Hardware and Power-Saving Features

Graphical display

The 3.5-inch graphical (TFT) color displays display provides 16-bit color depth and 320 x 480 effective pixel resolution, with backlight. The display also supports localization requiring double-byte Unicode encoding for fonts.


You can articulate the display to match the same angle as the Cisco IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR that it is connected to.

Directory-number and feature buttons

The module has 14 physical buttons (28 using page keys).

Page buttons

Use the two page buttons to access each page of 14 buttons and provide phone status.

Sleep or inactivity mode

When Cisco IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR models are in power-saving sleep or inactivity mode, the Cisco IP Phone 8800 KEM is also in sleep or inactivity mode. Pressing any button on the key expansion module causes the display to awaken. The system administrator configures the inactivity period.

Product specifications

Table 2 describes the hardware product specifications of the Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module.

Table 2.        Product specifications



Physical dimensions
(H x W x D)

9.015 x 4.45 x 3.5 in. (L X W X D)
(229 x 113 x 87 mm)


1lb (458g)


48 VDC, 117 mA maximum

Operating temperature

32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

Relative humidity

10 to 95%

Storage temperature

12 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)

Approvals and compliance

System requirements

Table 3 lists the system requirements for the 8865 KEM.

Table 3.        System requirements

Phone Firmware/Call Control Server


Cisco IP Phone 8800 firmware and later

Call-control compatibility

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 10.5(2) and later; and Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) 11.0 (with Cisco IOS® Software Release 15.3(3)M) and later

Power requirements

The Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module doesn’t have its own local power supply; it gets power from the attached phones. For more power-supply details, please refer to Table 4.

Table 4.        Power-Supply Compatibility Table


802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)

802.3at PoE

Cisco IP Phone Power Cube 4

8851 + KEM x 1




8851 + KEM x 2




8861 + KEM x 1




8861 + KEM x 2




8861 + KEM x 3




8865 + KEM x 1




8865 + KEM x 2




8865 + KEM x 3




* Note: The fast-charging feature on the back USB does not work when more than one KEM is attached to a Cisco IP Phone 8861 using 802.3at PoE.
** Note: The fast-charging feature on the back USB doesn’t work when more than one KEM is attached to a Cisco IP Phone 8865 unless Cisco Universal PoE (UPoE) is used.

Ordering information

To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page and refer to Tables 5 and 6.

Table 5.        Ordering information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module


Cisco Unified IP Phone Power Cube 4


Cisco Unified IP Phone Power Country Cord


Cisco IP Phone 8800 Wall Mount Kit for Single KEM*

No offering at this time. Only the Cisco IP 8851/61 KEM has a WMK to offer.

* Note: The Cisco IP Phone Wall-Mount Kit for a single KEM is a locking wall-mount kit that supports the 8851 and 8861 audio phones only. This wall-mount kit does not support the 8865 video phone and a KEM because of the difference in the rear housing on the 8865.

Table 6.        Ordering information - AC Country Power Cords

Country Cord

Part Number

Asia Pacific






European Community






North America




United Kingdom



Cisco Unified IP Phones are covered by a Cisco standard 1-year replacement warranty.

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