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Updated:September 23, 2022

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Updated:September 23, 2022


Easy onboarding

Are you ready to accelerate your hybrid-cloud journey? With Cisco, you can.

We have created Cisco HyperFlex Express to simplify the onboarding process, especially for new customers, and to get products on site quickly.

With HyperFlex Express, we have taken our most popular Cisco HyperFlex M6 generation node configurations, and we provide the flexibility to select options that work for your workloads and allow you to deploy the nodes with or without Cisco UCS fabric interconnects.

High-velocity HyperFlex

      Easy onboarding: Easy to onboard, deploy, and manage

      Flexible options: You choose what configuration will power your business

      Hybrid cloud ready: Cloud management of all your infrastructure with the Cisco Intersight platform

      Simplified management: With advisories from Intersight before problems arise

Simplified onboarding

HyperFlex Express is simplified for easy onboarding. You can select your configuration with our sizing tool, deploy in hours rather than days, maintain visibility and control of your hybrid cloud, and manage your entire solution with the Cisco Intersight cloud operations platform.

Flexible options

With high-velocity HyperFlex Express, you have the flexibility to select 1-rack-unit (1RU) or 2RU all-NVMe, all-flash, or hybrid configurations. Once you select your base system, you choose processors, memory sizes, and storage types and sizes. HyperFlex Express configurations have been carefully selected to work with or without fabric interconnects, adding to its flexibility. Table 1 lists the options you have with these two form factors.

Hybrid-cloud management

Cisco Intersight provides an essential hybrid-cloud control point for Cisco HyperFlex Express and all your infrastructure. With Intersight, you can get more value by simplifying operations across on-premises data centers, edge sites, and public clouds, continuously optimizing and accelerating your ability to deliver services. With Intersight, your teams can intelligently visualize, optimize, and orchestrate all your applications and infrastructure anywhere they are deployed.

Simplified management

Intersight can automatically configure your HyperFlex Express cluster. It provides ongoing, Day 2 and beyond, management, visibility, and maintenance, and it helps you set up your hybrid-cloud operations. If you have trouble, the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) can answer to your questions and help solve any problems

Act now

Contact your Cisco sales representative to learn more about how HyperFlex Express can help you move to hyperconverged infrastructure and radically simplify your operations.

Table 1.        Cisco HyperFlex Express simplifies ordering while offering flexible configuration options

Ordering options

Cisco HyperFlex nodes

HX220c M6

HX225c M6

HX240c M6

HX245c M6

AMD EPYC processor choices



Intel Xeon processor choices



Range of memory sizes

Range of hybrid storage capacities

Range of all-flash storage capacities

Range of all-NVMe storage capacities



HyperFlex Express for all your workloads

      Server consolidation using server virtualization with validated designs for top applications and databases

      Virtual desktops and applications with validated designs for Citrix and VMware to reduce risk

      Single infrastructure for virtual machines and containers

      Private cloud with simplified operations

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