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Updated:February 7, 2023

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Updated:February 7, 2023


The Cisco® IEC6400 Edge Compute Appliance allows a Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (Cisco URWB) network to scale to hundreds of Cisco Catalyst Industrial Wireless (IW) devices, supporting up to 40 Gbps in overall capacity.

Product overview

Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (Cisco URWB) is a wireless technology that enables you to connect moving assets or extend your network where running fiber isn't feasible or affordable. It delivers high availability, low latency, and zero packet loss with seamless handoffs. Cisco URWB operates in unlicensed spectrum, deploys like Wi-Fi, and gives you full control of your network.

The Cisco IEC6400 Edge Compute Appliance combines the best from Cisco URWB technology with Cisco’s leading computing platforms. Leveraging the capabilities of the Cisco UCS® C220 M6 Rack Server, this appliance allows you to extend the benefits of Cisco URWB to large-scale, high-capacity-demanding wireless networks. It works as an aggregation point for all the MPLS-over-the-wireless communications in networks with up to hundreds of IW devices requiring multi-Gbps aggregated throughput.

IEC6400 Edge Computing Appliance

Figure 1.               

IEC6400 Edge Computing Appliance

Features and benefits

Table 1.           Features and benefits



Reliable, fiberlike wireless anywhere

Ultra-reliable, low-latency connectivity for your most demanding applications

Seamless roaming

Seamless handoff with zero packet loss, even when connecting high-speed vehicles

Multipath Operations

Boosts network reliability by duplicating high-priority packets over redundant wireless links


Scales up your network, connecting hundreds of devices and supporting up to 40-Gbps aggregated throughput


A secondary appliance can be installed as a backup unit within a system, providing redundancy and automatic fault tolerance

Deploy easily in unlicensed spectrum

Installs like Wi-Fi and operates in unlicensed spectrum


Supports multiple architectures: point to point, point to multipoint, mesh, and mobility

The Cisco IEC6400 Edge Compute Appliance is based on the Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server, which delivers record-breaking performance for space-constrained environments. Learn more about this powerful rack server at

Extended reachability over multiple clusters

Cisco URWB networks can be designed for Layer 2 use cases (such as when connecting automated guided vehicles [AGVs] or autonomous mobile robots [AMRs] on a factory floor) as well as Layer 3 use cases (such as for train-to-trackside communications in subways or railways), allowing the network to scale in size without compromising reliability and availability.

The IEC6400 appliance is a perfect fit in both Layer2 and Layer3 architectures, whenever a dedicated appliance is required to support advanced mesh end capabilities.

When included in Layer 3 architectures, the appliance helps in connecting different clusters of Cisco URWB networks that are separated into different broadcast domains. It acts as the aggregation point for all the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) tunnels, connecting all portions of the URWB infrastructure across Layer 3 networks or WANs. In this way, roaming across network clusters that belong to different broadcast domains incurs zero handoff time, thanks to the patented URWB make-before-break technology.

This hierarchical architecture allows the network to scale to any size without compromising on performance, providing the same ultra-low latency, high availability, and high throughput.

Layer 3 architecture scheme

Figure 2.               

Layer 3 architecture scheme

Platform compatibility

Table 2.           Hardware appliance specifications


Hardware platform

IEC6400 Edge Compute Appliance

Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server Data Sheet

Table 3.           Catalyst Industrial Wireless supported devices


The Cisco IEC6400 requires a network license to be operational. It must also be attached to a Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard (IOD) subscription.

Table 4.           IEC6400 URWB license options



License specification

Network licenses


IEC6400 URWB Network Essentials License

Up to 5 Gbps aggregated throughput


IEC6400 URWB Network Advantage License

Up to 10 Gbps aggregated throughput


IEC6400 URWB Network Premier License

Up to 40 Gbps aggregated throughput

IOD subscriptions


IoT-OD Essentials for Cisco URWB

Onboarding and provisioning through IOD


IoT-OD Advantage for Cisco URWB

IWMonitor support on top of Essentials specifications

(*) Available at a later date

Product sustainability

Information about Cisco’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and performance is provided in Cisco’s CSR and sustainability reporting.

Please refer to the data sheet for the Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server for specific product sustainability information.

Table 5.           Cisco environmental sustainability information

Sustainability Topic



Information on product-material-content laws and regulations


Information on electronic waste laws and regulations, including our products, batteries, and packaging

WEEE Compliance

Information on product takeback and reuse program

Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program

Sustainability inquiries



Product packaging weight and materials


Product specifications

Table 6.           Hardware appliance specifications



Form factor

C220 M6 1RU standard server


Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (1 or 2)


16-GB RDIMM SRx4 3200 (8 GB)

Embedded Network Interface Cards (NICs)

Dual 10GBASE-T Intel x550 Ethernet ports

Optional NICs

Cisco UCS VIC 1455 Quad Port 10/25G SFP28 CNA PCIE

Power supplies

Cisco UCS 1050W AC Power Supply for Rack Server


480-GB 2.5in Enterprise Performance 6GSATA SSD (3X endurance)

Ordering information

Table 7.           Hardware ordering information

Part number

Product description


Cisco IEC400 Edge Compute Appliance


Cisco UCS VIC 1455 Quad Port 10/25G SFP28 CNA PCIE (optional)

Table 8.           Software ordering information




IEC6400 URWB Network Essentials License


IEC6400 URWB Network Advantage License


IEC6400 URWB Network Premier License


IoT-OD Essentials for Cisco URWB (3, 5, 7 years options available)


IoT-OD Advantage for Cisco URWB (3, 5, 7 years options available)

(*) Available at a later date.

Warranty information

Please refer to the Product Warranty page for warranty information.

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