Avit Group Adds New Email Protections to Support a Growing Network of Customers

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Updated:September 19, 2022

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Updated:September 19, 2022

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Avit Group, a managed service provider for IT services since 2003, is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Angola, Portugal, and Northern Europe.

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Avit Group

Industry: Information technology

Location: The Netherlands

Number of Employees: ~200


  Full control of email flow
  Ability to deploy granular policies
  Accommodate a wide spectrum of customer wishes and requirements
  Anti-spam and anti-malware protection that eliminates threats at the network edge



  Full visibility of all outgoing and incoming email
  Threat investigation and response automation are streamlined
  Confidence in reducing spam, phishing attacks, and malware at the network edge

Secure edge

Avit Group partnered with Cisco, and chose Cisco Secure Email to provide better protection to their customers against spam, phishing, and other malicious email attacks and malware — giving them a security edge as they make steps to scale their business across Europe.

      The company offers 24/7 follow-the-sun support from the U.S., the Netherlands, and the Philippines.

      They recently merged with Wingmen, a Danish company specializing in enterprise networking, security, and data center architecture. The partnership marks an important step in both parties’ ambitions to build a specialist network of Cisco Gold certified integrators and managed service providers in Europe.

“With Cisco Secure Email we now have full visibility on all outgoing and incoming messages, and a fully detailed historic message tracking capability. These advanced features have enabled us to switch from a reactive to a proactive approach.”

Wouter Hindriks

Security Architect, Avit Group

Challenge and solution

To provide the best possible security for Avit Group customers, the company needed an email security solution that gives them full control of the mail flow and the ability to deploy granular policies to accommodate a wide spectrum of customer wishes and requirements. They also need to have best-in-class anti-spam and anti-malware protection to eliminate threats at the edge of their network. As a managed service provider (MSP) they manage numerous IT environments and need security products that not only are able to stop threats, but which can also assist in threat investigation and threat hunting. The increasing sophistication of bad actors requires always-up-todate security solutions and sophisticated defense, the company knew.

Avit Group quickly realized that to be able to protect their customers they needed much more than built-in email protection. They selected Cisco Secure Email after evaluating its strengths and features.

Avit Group noted it chose Cisco Secure Email because there was no other email security product that offers such complete coverage, and which is also part of a fully integrated cybersecurity solution. Configuring the email solution was easy thanks to the comprehensive user guides available. Email is not just a set-it-and-forget-it security solution; it needs to adapt to a constantly evolving threat landscape. And with the integration of Secure Email Cloud Gateway into the SecureX platform, threat investigation and response automation were greatly streamlined for the Avit Group team.

Avit Group had additional confidence in their purchase with the knowledge that Cisco Secure Email will continue to release new protection mechanisms and support for new security standards, enabling the company to better keep up with — and even stay ahead of — malicious email attacks. With integrated malware scanning and sandboxing capabilities, Avit Group can now be more confident in reducing spam, phishing attacks, and malware at the edge of their network.

In the future, Avit Group plans to use the orchestration and automation capabilities in Cisco SecureX to help the company react as quickly as possible, day or night.




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