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Updated:August 24, 2022

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Updated:August 24, 2022

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As you are digitizing your industrial operations and deploying Industry 4.0 technologies, the deeper integration between IT, cloud, and industrial networks is exposing your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to cyberthreats. You need a cybersecurity solution to help you ensure the continuity, resilience, and safety of your industrial operations.

Cisco® Cyber Vision provides asset owners full visibility into their industrial networks and their OT security posture so they have the information they need to reduce the attack surface, segment the industrial network, and enforce cybersecurity policies. Its advanced OT monitoring capabilities also provide insights to improve network efficiency and enable faster troubleshooting of operational issues.

Combining a unique edge architecture that embeds OT security features into your industrial network, and deep integration with Cisco’s leading security portfolio, Cisco Cyber Vision can be easily deployed at scale to enable IT and OT teams to work together in building innovative industrial operations while securing the global enterprise.


Gain OT visibility at scale. Easily identify all industrial devices and their communication patterns. Cyber Vision is embedded in your industrial network.

Understand your OT security posture. Reduce the attack surface. Cyber Vision highlights devices that need immediate attention and suggests solutions.

Improve operational efficiency. Reduce downtime and improve efficiency. Cyber Vision monitors OT events, identifies network problems, and helps you troubleshoot issues faster.

Extend IT security to OT. Converge your security practice. Cyber Vision feeds your IT security tools with rich details on OT devices and events.

The essential tool for securing your industrial operations

Visibility built into your industrial network

Cyber Vision embeds visibility capabilities into industrial network equipment. There’s no need to source dedicated security appliances and think about how to install them. There’s no need to build out-of-band networks to send industrial network flows to a central security platform. Network managers will appreciate the unique simplicity and lower costs of the Cyber Vision architecture.

Unmatched visibility on all connected assets

Cyber Vision identifies your assets, their characteristics, and their communication patterns by passively capturing and decoding industrial application flows. This ultra-safe approach can be enhanced with active discovery that sends requests in the semantics of the specific ICS protocol at play. These inquiries are sent by sensors embedded into network equipment, so that they are not blocked by firewalls or Network Address Translation (NAT) boundaries, helping ensure 100% visibility.

Operational insights for OT

Cyber Vision records all application flows within the industrial environment to provide insights into network issues, device misconfigurations, communication problems, unexpected changes to industrial processes, malicious traffic, and more. It helps you improve network performance, troubleshoot production issues, and take action to maintain system integrity and reduce downtime.

Security posture for IT

Cyber Vision combines protocol analysis, intrusion detection, vulnerability detection, and behavioral analysis to help you understand your security posture. It automatically calculates risk scores so you can prioritize what needs to be fixed. It also provides guidance on what should be done so you can proactively build an improvement process to address risks.

Extending IT security to OT

Cyber Vision’s asset inventory and visibility into OT events have value to both operations and security teams. Out-of-the-box integrations with Cisco’s cybersecurity portfolio, as well as with a broad set of third-party solutions, extend Cyber Vision’s insights to your existing tools. Security teams will have visibility across both IT and OT domains to manage risks and enforce security policies globally.

“We have firewalls, but little visibility of what is behind them. Cisco Cyber Vision shows us exactly what devices are connected, their profiles, how much traffic they generate, what they are communicating, and who has remote access to them.”

Pascal Pauwels

Infrastructure Director, Unilin Group

“Our OT team didn’t necessarily understand the nuances of cybersecurity, while we in IT were unfamiliar with the technologies they use every day. Cisco Cyber Vision helped bring us together—giving us visibility into exactly what devices we have and what they’re doing.”

Kristen Sanders

CISO, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

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