Elche City Council Improves Email Security to Protect Local Citizens and Businesses

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Updated:September 19, 2022

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Updated:September 19, 2022

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Elche City Council is the governing and administrative body of the municipality of Elche, Spain, with more than 2,000 employees and more than 140 administrative offices. The council is immersed in a digitization process that has, of necessity, been accelerated exponentially because of the pandemic. This process has produced a change in how the city approaches technology and hybrid work, and has helped demonstrate the value of digital transformation. As the digitization and cybersecurity projects have progressed, citizens, officials, and companies have realized the value of achieving IT security and resilience.

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Elche City Council

Industry: Government

Location: Spain

Number of Employees: 2000+


  Protect and encrypt communications with citizens and businesses
  Integration with Microsoft 365 email platform



  Greater visibility into infrastructure
  Thousands of pieces of spam blocked daily
  Reduction in questions to technical support

Business challenges

Facing pressures caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the city council of Elche, a Spanish city of more than 200,000, need to accelerate its efforts to digitize services in health, transportation and infrastructure for their citizens. One of the main challenges the city faced was to protect and encrypt communications with citizens and companies against threats, such as spam, phishing, and ransomware. The city needed an email security solution that integrates with the Microsoft 365 email platform, to help prevent phishing emails from reaching its users, and to protect the integrity and confidentiality of communications with local and regional businesses.

The Elche City Council worked with Cisco Secure to implement Cisco Secure Email. The city chose the solution because of its ease of implementation, its integration with Microsoft 365, and the performance of Cisco Web Security.

The results were immediate. The city now has greater visibility into their infrastructure, and prevents thousands of spam from being delivered daily. With Cisco Secure Email, the city has seen a reduction in questions coming into their technical department, which frees those workers for other city initiatives and priorities.

The Elche City Council values the partnership they have with Cisco Secure, city leaders say, and the quality of service, speed of technical support, and sharing of best practices have made Cisco Secure Email a valuable security solution for the city.

“We analyzed a multitude of email security solutions, but Cisco Secure Email is the only one that integrates with other solutions we have already implemented, and which, in turn, through SecureX, allows us to give visibility to any problem related to email security globally.”

Josué Castillo Martín

Head of Technical Telecommunications, Elche City Council


The city council of Elche, Spain is leading the digital transformation of its municipality with the goals of:

      Facilitating the evolution of public services and improving the well-being of citizens

      Generating high-value employment

      Increasing the productivity and competitiveness of local companies




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