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Updated:June 18, 2021

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Updated:June 18, 2021


Innovation is at the heart of Leng-d’Or’s mission. A family-run multinational food manufacturing company founded in Barcelona in the 1960s, they are dedicated to the production of healthy snacks and a sound business while upholding their values to protect the environment, their product sources and their workforce.

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Leng-d’Or

Industry: Food manufacturing

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Number of Employees: 300


  Countering the several cyber attacks that took place via email
  Protecting the corporate email system and safeguarding brand reputation
  Freeing up the time of employees who had to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day cleaning up their inboxes from spam


  Cisco Secure Email
  Cisco Secure Endpoint


  Monitoring all incoming and outgoing events on the network in real time
  Robust, efficient and user-friendly email system
  Reduced stress for IT department and employees and increased productivity for all

An uncompromising quest for innovation and better protection

During its 50 plus years of business many things have changed but the company’s core values remain the same. Quality, pursued by complying with the highest standards and quality certifications; security, because the security of processes, data and people is crucial for a manufacturing company; innovation, in recognition of the importance of technology and its role in the development of the sector, and globalization. Spain was the birthplace of Leng-d’Or but its reach is now international, with its 300 employees spread across Spain, the United States, Singapore and Brazil and with global product distribution.

“We’re continually making substantial investments in research and development, but what differentiates us is that we try to introduce innovation in all sectors of the organization,” said Apolo Ruz, a member of the owner family and now General Manager of the company. “We’re building new production sites where we’ll try to use solar energy as much as possible, with the aim of reducing energy consumption in order to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact.”

“The trust of customers and the market must be constantly nurtured and maintained,” explained Mr. Ruz. “In the past we’ve suffered several cyber attacks, and if our email domains were continually used to launch attacks it could undermine the trust built up over many years. We were mistakenly convinced that only the big companies are subjected to cyber attacks: we were wrong, it’s a problem that affects and concerns everybody.”

These attacks were the reason why the company began to pay close attention to protecting emails, in order to guarantee the security of its employees and the entire organization and to maintain the excellent reputation it has built up over the years with customers and suppliers.


“Email is a core asset of the company because it’s the tool we use to communicate with our stakeholders, employees, and suppliers.”

- Apolo Ruz, General Manager

Beyond antivirus: How a comprehensive email security solution bolsters productivity

Enric Cuixeres, IT Manager at Leng-d’Or, described the path that led them to select Cisco Secure Email from among the many solutions on the market.

Can you imagine what it means in terms of productivity to be able to block 85% of the emails that previously passed through our protection systems unscathed and forced people to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes of their time, every day, to delete them?

Our inboxes are now clean. This means less stress for the IT department, less stress for our staff generally and a notable increase in productivity for everyone.

Given the nature of its business, Leng-d’Or never sleeps. Its IT department is tasked with providing the technology infrastructure required to guarantee robustness and security, helping the company to produce 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and driving compliance with industry standards.

“I arrived at Leng d’Or five years ago, in 2016. In my previous job at a large construction company, I’d already had the opportunity to work with Cisco networking products, though not its security solutions.

Convinced of the validity and quality of their solutions, and after evaluating and comparing a variety of options we chose Cisco Secure Email because of its rich portfolio and it’s ability to provide an end-to-end solution integrated at the network, cloud, email, and endpoint level.

Before Cisco Secure Email was adopted Leng d’Or were using a classic Symantec antivirus and having huge problems with spam. They also suffered several spoofing attacks. Of the approximately 150,000 emails we inspected each week, 40% had to be deleted because they were phishing attacks.

Today, thanks to the Cisco security appliances, we no longer have these problems. Incoming mail is effectively filtered, thanks to the reputation filtering service that helps us distinguish legitimate email senders from the spammers.


“It sounds as though I’m describing a ‘perfect world’, but for us it’s a reality. Cisco products work perfectly.”

- Enric Cuixeres, IT Manager at Leng-d’Or



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Integration that provides increased efficiency

All the security products we have implemented–from Cisco Umbrella to Cisco Secure Endpoint–are integrated thanks to the Cisco SecureX platform, which greatly facilitates my work and that of my team. Within Cisco SecureX, visibility and automation are definitely the most valuable features for us, together with the powerful analytical tools of Cisco Talos which are constantly detecting and updating protection against new threats.

We’ve been working with Cisco technology for over 4 years now and our trust in the vendor has grown day by day as the effectiveness of the solutions and their responsiveness has consistently impressed. So, step by step our sense of protection has also increased.”

Safeguarding brand reputation

“Email security is crucial for our organization. We use our Cisco security appliances in two ways: checking inbound emails and safeguarding our outbound emails.

Let me clarify that: we believe it is very important to verify that outgoing emails addressed to customers and suppliers will not be classified as suspicious or fraudulent and that they won’t end up on the famous spam lists. It’s a question of reputation, which is very important to us, and Cisco technology enables us to carry out those checks.”

A secure, robust and user-friendly solution

“The impact that email security solutions have on people is clearly shown by what our internal surveys are telling us.”

Leng-d’Or is an organization that cares about people, so it pays particular attention to determining whether the tools it provides and the work environment are compliant and facilitate professional development.

“Our employees know that our data and email protection system is robust and effective: when they have to make certain purchases, a plane ticket, for example, they much prefer to use the corporate network rather than the one they have at home. They know it will protect their data and their transactions better.

Another fundamental aspect for us is striking a balance between security and usability: the email protection system we’ve adopted is user-friendly, it doesn’t obstruct the user who can get on with their work without the fear of being continually blocked.”

“Today I can monitor all the incoming and outgoing events that take place on our network, in real time.”

The value of partnerships

Even though the initial investment is substantial, the return is definitely high. At the top of my list is Cisco TAC Service, operational 24/7, a truly top-notch customer service.

Reflecting on the value of partnerships: in addition to the the concrete assistance offered to us directly by the vendor, we also need to acknowledge the superior work of our system integrator. DotGainen Consulting expertly implemented and configured the whole solution to provide all the various departments with what they needed. And then they trained our IT department to carry out the final set-up.

Cisco technology is very high-level, so to implement it and adapt it to the specific requests and requirements of the customer you need a capable and reliable partner. Because we need to safeguard the information sent by our R&D department and the information that circulates within the company, and to avoid breaches, interferences or theft as far as possible.”

Innovation in continuous security

There is more innovation and investment in security on the horizon for Leng-d’Or. “Given the size of our organization, we believe we’re ready to adopt Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). ISE will help us create security and segmentation policies for all the devices that access the network. This will  allow us to better define access and build an even broader and more complete security strategy for our work environment.”

As Leng-d’Or continues to expand, their continued successful partnership with Cisco Security ensures the protection of their people, their reputation and their position in the market. 

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