Magyar Telekom Enhances Security and Quality-of-Life for Al Case Study

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Executive Summary

Customer name: Magyar Telekom

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Staff: 7,000+


     Maintaining a first-class security strategy with a tight budget
and limited staff

     Protecting a wide variety of sensitive customer and internal data

     Simplifying a complex technological landscape with old and new technology within the organization

     Digitally upgrading networks and service to customers through an overarching strategy


     Cisco Threat Response, Firepower Threat Defense, Firepower Management Center, Threat Grid, Stealthwatch, Identity Services Engine, Advanced Malware Protection, Umbrella, Duo, Web Security Appliance, Email Security


     A unified security platform that substantially improved cyber-risk posture and increased efficiency by reducing incidence response time, increasing resource utilization, and simplifying management

     Protection of intellectual property, financial data, and personal data

     Given the size and scope of Magyar Telekom, providing a positive internal security experience serves as a reference for their customers

Background and Vision

Magyar Telekom was originally formed in 1989 as a state-owned enterprise. Through a series of privatization rounds, strategic acquisitions, and rebranding iterations, Magyar Telekom is now Hungary’s and Macedonia’s leading telecommunication provider and the leading IT service provider in Hungary. Majority owned by Deutsche Telekom (59.2%), Magyar Telekom’s network is further strengthened through numerous member companies both in Hungary and internationally (T-Systems Hungary, Kitchen Budapest, Telekom New Media, Vidanet, Makedonski Telekom, Novatel Bulgaria, Combridge).

As such, Magyar Telekom provides the full range of telecommunication and information communication services, including fixed line, mobile and integrated services, as well as IT and system integration services. Its activities cover three basic business areas:

1.     Fixed line and mobile communications services for residential customers.

2.     Services for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB).

3.     Corporate services provided to enterprise customers.

Structured to allow flexibility, Magyar Telecom enables the company to respond quickly to service and business opportunities and changes in customer demands and market changes. It serves its 5 million customers with industry-leading efficiency, winning numerous customer service accolades and awards, and prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation.

In one example of the commitment to innovation, in 2014 Magyar Telekom and the Hungarian government partnered to make high-speed broadband available for all Hungarian consumers. This required several initiatives – that although did not financially benefit the business – served the betterment of society. As a result, the extensive use of new technologies greatly contributed to the improvement of the Hungarian people’s quality of life, improved the effectiveness of their businesses, helped mitigate social inequalities, and increased the international competitiveness of the Hungarian economy.

Another example of preparing both the business and the nation for the future, Magyar Telekom built gigabit-capable networks in Hungary that now provides innovative, high-quality service to their 5.3M mobile customers, 1.2M broadband internet customers, and more than 1.1M TV subscribers.
“The Cisco Security platform benefits us by reducing incident response time, enabling faster organization of
our resources, and providing unparalleled credibility and reliability for both our customers and employees. But the most important thing is that the Cisco Security platform simplifies everything we do.”

- Zoltan Nagy- Group Security Director, Magyar Telekom

Cisco Collaboration

Recognizing early the key role of security to provide seamless service to its customers and employees, Magyar Telekom has always focused on reliable, state-of-the-art, integrated solutions. Their security architecture involves interlocking modules, making security solutions that work together critical.

With close alignment between Magyar Telekom and Cisco throughout the entire product life cycle, both entities are well informed so they can both deliver what’s needed. During product development, Magyar Telekom first tests and learns about new solutions through rigorous involvement in beta test programs and offers practical feedback to Cisco. Through the deployment phases, the teams work closely together to guarantee the maximum positive benefit and to understand how best to represent and sell to SMB and enterprise customers. And finally, Magyar Telekom offers ongoing communication with the Cisco product and account teams to suggest new features on current and upcoming solutions.

This close partnership pays dividends by providing solutions that are well-suited for the needs of Magyar Telekom and its customers (which in turn helps achieve positive business outcomes), strengthening and simplifying security operations, and offering direct improvements in operational costs and results. For example, Magyar Telekom estimates needing 20 percent less staff to fulfill their security needs since using Cisco solutions.

“The partnership between Magyar Telekom and Cisco cannot be overstated. Not only is Magyar Telekom a large, innovative customer and our biggest partner within Hungary, but they are a reference point for others. Whatever security solution they are using internally and have had good results with, gets recommended to other prospective customers – and that is priceless.”
- Otto Dalos- General Manager, Cisco

The Future

Magyar Telekom has ambitious plans as they accelerate their fiber rollout, launch commercial 5G service, accommodate strong increases in mobile data usage, optimize sales channels, and continually increase online sales and customer care. Being the incumbent service provider in the Eastern European region, fulfilling these plans relies on the ability to scale their business. Fortunately, Magyar Telekom has built an extremely reliable environment on a foundation of Cisco Security. As part of a unified security platform, Cisco’s solutions reduce complexity and unify visibility across the entire security infrastructure, all while prioritizing collaboration and scalability.

Undoubtably the future holds new challenges, but with the foresight and ability of Magyar Telekom – combined with the security solutions and support of Cisco – the outlook for both the business and the people of Hungary is resoundingly positive.

“Security is a basic need for everyone and is only felt when there is a lack of it.”
- Zoltan Nagy- Group Security Director, Magyar Telekom

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