MEDIAPRO Protects Current and Future Business with Cisco Security Case Study

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Executive Summary

Customer name: MEDIAPRO

Industry: Multimedia Communications

Headquarter: Barcelona, Spain

Staff: 7,000+


      Maintaining a first-class security strategy under a tight budget and limited staff.

      Protecting a variety of sensitive customer and internal data.

      Facilitating a global security program combining user protection and vast media resources simultaneously.

      Disseminating globally generated content to corporate branches through public and private networks.


      Cisco Threat Response, Next Generation Intrusion Prevention, Next Generation Firewall, Identity Services Engine, Umbrella, Email Security Appliance, AnyConnect,Advanced Malware Protection




      A unified security platform that substantially improved a critical cyber-risk posture.

      Increased efficiency by reducing incidence response time, increasing resource utilization, and simplifying management.

      Protection of corporate user data, confidential information, contracts, valuable technical data, and video content.

      MEDIAPRO can now capitalize on its security infrastructure to achieve excellence in provided services and is better able to drive enhanced business outcomes.

Background and Vision

MEDIAPRO is a leader in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production, and audiovisual distribution. It provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce, and distribute audiovisual and multi-channel media projects.

Founded in 1994, MEDIAPRO has grown considerably – now with operations worldwide through its 58 offices in 36 countries on 4 continents. It’s a prominent player on the global stage in sports rights management and the international commercialization of sports competitions such as LaLiga, the UEFA Champions League, and the Soccer World Cup. Combined with broadcast rights of various news broadcasts, the Oscars, and Amazon Prime Video – MEDIAPRO is involved in almost everything on TV.

Cisco Collaboration

The partnership between MEDIAPRO and Cisco initially began in 2007 with the deployment of the national multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network to distribute live events. The challenge of producing and transmitting content through the MEDIAPRO IP network from soccer stadiums to televisions necessitated the superior MPLS technology over traditional broadcasting. To fuel MEDIAPRO’s growth, Cisco (with the help of partner Italtel) has since expanded its footprint to enable enterprise switching, WiFi, Data Center, Collaboration, and Security.

Roberto Alunda, Telecom Engineering Director, says of the importance of security, “Media content and broadcasting signals are the core business for MEDIAPRO. Media is also a sector that’s transforming quickly, and all traditional video workflows are turning into IP networks. Now we’re up against attackers who have unlimited resources throughout the world, so threats are coming anytime from anywhere – and are changing daily. To protect our dynamic environment, we invested in state-of-the-art technology from our partner Cisco.

MEDIAPRO also acknowledges the direct benefits they see from TALOS – one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world providing unmatched visibility, intelligence, and fast response.

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“Each of the Cisco Security solutions are very powerful, but all of them combined and overseen by TALOS is simply amazing,” says Laura Juarez Ramallo, Telecom Engineering Deputy Director.

MEDIAPRO protects all their traffic (server-to-client and server-to-server), and all their data centers, remote offices, and on-premise cloud, with over thirty Cisco Firepower 4100 series with all IPS modules activated. These are designed as different perimeters of firewalls providing a flexible model of internal security layers to protect or isolate any internal zone of media, technical resource, or user without influence from external traffic perimeters. These systems work in conjunction with Identity Services Engine internal servers and Umbrella Cloud, all integrated with Cisco Threat Response. This design reduces threat investigation time and allows them to take fast, critical actions when a threat is detected.

The results have been overwhelmingly successful. Since deploying Cisco Security solutions, MEDIAPRO has experienced:

      A reduction of 25% staff to fulfill comprehensive security needs.

      90% less time in threat detection.

      100% efficacy in that no false threats are detected.

      Zero fines incurred on compliance issues.

On MEDIAPRO’s future, Alunda says, “In the media industry you must have the best content and be the first to broadcast it. We were seeking state-of-the-art technology capable of covering all our security aspects – but also offer scalability for future growth. Cisco provided this for us. As we plan our future, the Cisco platform approach will enable exceptional integration and collaboration, which in turn will reduce complexity and the time needed to run our business. Cisco has been critical in supporting MEDIAPRO in our ambitions for future growth.”

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