Robotics Specialist Takes Global Expertise to Client Sites

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Updated:October 25, 2022

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Updated:October 25, 2022

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Cimcorp relies on Cisco to open up workplace collaboration and forge stronger links between frontline operations and product innovation.

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Cimcorp

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Headquarters in Finland

Number of Employees: 550

Partner name: Praecom


  Enable effective communication platform across global business
  Involve frontline, design, and manufacturing teams in workplace collaboration
  Strengthen and enhance the business’s security environment


  Cisco Meraki


  Simplified hybrid workplace collaboration
  Strengthened data security with centralized visibility of communications 
  Extended engineering expertise into client sites
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Improving efficiency

The warehouse industry has been one of the hidden stars of the post-COVID real estate sector. City center footfall may be down, some new office developments may be struggling for tenants, but the boom in online shopping has seen demand for warehouse space—particularly supersized warehouses—skyrocket.

Floorspace is only half the battle. Warehouses are getting bigger, but they are also required to be smarter. In a world of same-day deliveries and just-in-time global supply chains, to achieve full value out of the floorspace, warehouse operators want to accelerate throughput and maximize efficiency.

Cimcorp solutions sit at the heart of the next generation of warehouse efficiency. The Finnish multinational is a global player in the design and manufacture of robotic warehousing and logistics solutions. Cimcorp innovation, both hardware and software, is responsible for supply chain excellence in multiple industries, from car tires to fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Our future success will be built on the search for efficiency, and how to work smarter,” says Pekka Nurmi, Corporate IT Director, Cimcorp.

Cimcorp wants to create effective remote working for its global teams. It also wants to strengthen its ties with customers through more proactive maintenance and closer integration. All of this must be achieved while protecting corporate and client intellectual property.

“We could see the world was changing, even before the shock of COVID-19,” says Nurmi. “We were establishing new locations all around the world, but knew we’d have to limit travel. Being physically present with every client, all the time, is not sustainable.”

The business wanted a consistent connectivity platform for all workers, whether in a server room, shop floor, home office, or client site. It also wanted to be able to bring clients and third parties into a secure network environment. There must be complete visibility across operations, particularly from a cybersecurity perspective.

Specifically, for a business built on precision and consistency, where success can be measured in fractions of a second, Cimcorp wanted to transform workplace collaboration.

“Mismatched systems meant meetings could often be delayed by 15 minutes or more; this was unacceptable,” says Nurmi. “We set ourselves a target that, irrespective of location, all meetings should start within 30 seconds of the first person entering the room. Wasted time costs us money.”

“Collaboration needs to be simple, straightforward, reliable, and high-quality. Webex delivers all of those.”

Pekka Nurmi

Corporate IT Director, Cimcorp

Workplace collaboration

Cimcorp is headquartered in Finland, and has offices in the US, Canada, India, Germany, and Spain. Cimcorp products can be found in warehouses and logistics centers in more than 40 countries, and a range of Cisco collaboration solutions are helping transform Cimcorp’s global reach.

Cisco Meraki MDM extends connectivity across factories and logistics centers, while Webex Expert on Demand connects frontline workers with remote experts. Webex is now established as the global collaboration platform for Meetings and Messaging, including Webex Boards, Room Kits, and Desk Hubs, ensuring that the meetings experience is secure, reliable, and easy to configure and use.

Nurmi admits hybrid working is a practical reality, but that there is a seamless experience whether attending in-person or via video. Even if a meeting invitation is shared from another platform, the unique interoperability that Webex delivers means joining is easy. Having a consistent platform has also dramatically improved punctuality.

There are new levels of network security in place. Cisco Secure Access by Duo multi-factor authentication is active across the business. Cisco Secure Endpoint handles virus and malware detection, and Cisco Umbrella ensures enhanced security processes extend across Cimcorp’s wider network of factory, remote, and home-based users. Cisco SecureX then provides the visibility needed to give Cimcorp a comprehensive understanding and full control of the organization’s entire security landscape, while threats are identified and eliminated at new levels of speed and effectiveness.

“Cisco expertise across information security, particularly how the Cisco Secure architecture would help Cimcorp meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s requirements to gain cyber insurance, was a critical dealmaker,” says Nurmi. “Cisco has such a depth of knowledge in the manufacturing sector. Nobody else was able to provide the big picture for us. It was clear we would be in good hands.”

Cimcorp worked with Praecom, a Cisco partner and workplace communications specialist, to create a meeting room setup where video-based participation is as natural as attending in person. Transitioning to Webex, Nurmi explains, extends both the security and collaborative experience, and allows users to focus on the message without having to worry about the medium.

“It’s really transformed how we work,” says Nurmi. “Webex is an elegant solution that supported our meeting room needs while providing a secure and reliable environment.”

“Webex has really transformed how we work. It’s an elegant solution that supported our meeting room needs while providing a secure and reliable environment.”

Pekka Nurmi

Corporate IT Director, Cimcorp

Global expertise

The result is a business that is better connected, with a dynamic approach to meetings, and where industry-leading expertise can be brought into effect anywhere in the world. There is now a stronger link between frontline performance and the next generation of robotic solutions.

The use of Webex Expert on Demand and RealWear video cameras is perhaps the most eye-opening change. Today, Cimcorp experts based in Finland can tour client sites on the other side of the world. Webex Expert on Demand can relay a live feed, helping Cimcorp advise on technical or safety issues. Performance information also feeds back into product innovation.

“IoT is also a very important aspect. We need to know if a component is faulty or not working optimally,” adds Nurmi. “If we think about food security, if a system is down for six hours, that’s catastrophic. It’s critical to be able to pinpoint possible failure points from production or warehouse facilities.”

More effective support strengthens the link to clients, reduces manufacturing downtime, and avoids unnecessary travel and maintenance costs.

“It sets new levels in terms of customer service expectations,” says Nurmi. “Real-world problems are rarely 2D. A photo won’t always give a full idea of what’s going on. With Webex Expert on Demand you can see scenarios in real time as if you were there.”

Extending collaboration into the factory floor helps democratize expertise. Meetings are no longer confined to sales, marketing, and management; today, Meraki MDM and Webex technology enable Cimcorp to quickly and securely link design and production teams in Canada and Finland, in live settings across manufacturing lines.

“We recognized that manufacturing and operations staff will always need to spend at least some time on site, so we brought the meeting room to them,” says Nurmi. “The wider team now have the flexibility to work from their location of choice while sharing ideas, plans, and knowledge seamlessly and securely.”

The engagement leaves Cimcorp uniquely placed to navigate what Nurmi believes will be greater changes to the workplace: “During COVID you could be pretty certain that everybody was at the home office. Now you have no idea where anyone might be. Cisco technology makes it easy to manage and secure the necessary connections, whatever the workstyle. That leaves us free to focus on our customers’ needs and driving innovation.”

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