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Updated:March 30, 2021

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Updated:March 30, 2021


The Cisco UCS® C890 M5 Rack Server delivers massive compute, integrated management, and business- critical support for business-critical workloads.

Cisco UCS® C890 M5 Rack Server

Figure 1.            

Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server

Product overview

The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server, with eight sockets, is designed for workloads that demand high-reliability, intensive compute operations with best-in-industry management costs. This server delivers an impressive 605,730 SAPS by incorporating eight Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8268, 8276, or 8280L processors. This server meets the critical workload demands for SAPS/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, Epic Caché databases, and other massive virtualization workload consolidation efforts packed into a Seven-Unit (7U) form factor.

Features and benefits

Table 1.        Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server features and benefits



Cisco Intersight management support

Cisco Intersight provides a cloud-based SaaS platform for managing infrastructure across the globe and in the cloud.

Cisco® solution support

Cisco provides application-aware support services to ensure their applications remain operational and provide accelerated services when support services are needed.

Large-memory applications

These applications support from 1.5T to 36T using 32G DDR4 DIMMs, 64G DDR4 DIMMs, 128G DDR4 DIMMs, and 256G DDR4 DIMMs

Cisco professional services

Advanced architecture, design, implementation, and management services are available to accelerate time to money.

Prominent feature

SAP S/4 HANA migration support

Performance and availability are critical aspects of any business application, especially for SAP customers as they are migrating from traditional databases to the new in-memory SAP HANA database. The amount of data generated and managed in these database applications has grown considerably and large application servers are required to meet that demand. The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server is designed specifically to support large-memory workloads beyond the classic 12T-DIMM-only configurations by including the new Intel Optane DCPMM for expanded memory support.

Healthcare data management support

The amount of data managed in the healthcare industry has grown at a staggering rate, overwhelming even the most aggressive estimates. The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server enables healthcare providers to realize the TCO advantages of scaling workloads to a single server rather than clustering multiple smaller servers.

Product specifications

Table 2.        Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server product specifications


Cisco UCS C890 M5


Intel Xeon 8268, 8276, 8280L

Supported DDR4 Memory

32G DIMM, 64G DIMM, 128G DIMM, 256G DIMM

Supported Intel Optane DCPMM

128G, 256G, 512G

Network connectivity (8x 25G Eth, 4x 32G FC)

1 quad-port 25G SFP Ethernet, 2 dual-port 25G SFP Ethernet, 2 dual-port 32G Fibre Channel


2x 240G SSD RAID-enabled for local boot

Data storage

Optional: 16x 3.2T SSD drives, RAID-enabled

Ordering information

The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server has adopted a preconfigured model where 15 server configurations have been predefined to simplify and accelerate the ordering and delivery experience. Refer to the ordering guide published on Cisco’s SalesConnect for more information.


Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Servers have a three-year next-business-day hardware warranty and a 90-day software warranty.

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WEEE compliance

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Table AA. Product Compliance

Table BB. Product Compliance or Platform Features/Benefits


Idle, Typical or Max Product Power

Hardware Enabled Energy Features

Table CC. Product Specifications

Table DD. Platform Features/Benefits

Software Enabled Energy Features

Power Supply Information

Power Calculator

Table EE. Platform Features/Benefits

Table FF. Product Specifications

Table GG. Product Specifications


Unit Weight

System Weight (Product + Packaging)

Recycled Content

Table HH. Product Specifications

Table II. Product Specifications

Table JJ. Product Specifications

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Cisco and Partner Services

Cisco and our industry-leading partners deliver services that accelerate your transition to a CISCO UCS C-series rack server solution. Cisco Unified Computing System services solutions can help you create an agile infrastructure, accelerate time to value, reduce costs and risks, and maintain availability during deployment and migration. After deployment, our services can help you improve performance, availability, and resiliency as your business needs evolve and help you further mitigate risk. For more information, visit

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